NAPPSA Scholarship

Since its founding, the NAPPSA Scholarship award program remains central to the educational aspirations of its underserved minority student members in professional doctor of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences programs. The NAPPSA scholarship award program is designed to support the pharmacy and pharmaceutical science education in North America and nurture beneficiaries to become globally able pharmaceutical practitioners and scientists. NAPPSA values her young professionals and places high premium in mentoring and the enhancing the educational and professional growth of young pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists. The NAPPSA Young professionals Scholarship and Grant Award Program was established to further this objective.


The scholarships/grants are provided to young minority students to help with the regular education expenses such as books and supplies, travel grants to conferences for scholarly podium and poster presentations. Past scholarship recipients are outstanding and deserving students who have gone on to pursue careers in the pharmaceutical industry, regulatory agencies, academia recipients have gone on to serve the medical community in all areas of clinical practice including Infectious disease, critical care, etc. All awardees are fulltime PharmD or graduate students enrolled in programs relevant to pharmaceutical sciences in a fully accredited University in the USA.



Of Applicants Awarded

Of Eligible Applicants Denied

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Funding constraints and limited partnerships forced us to turn away more than 50% of eligible applicants. Furthermore, majority ~30% of applicants do not receive financial support from their families, and another 10% have children or are actively employed while pursuing their degrees. It is the hope of NAPPSA organization to partner with you on this worthy cause. We encourage you to read our scholarship prospectus for a sense of how unrestricted giving helps us in our important work. To those of you who support NAPPSA Scholarship, we appreciate and welcome your continued generosity. To those considering joining our extended family of supporters, please review our Giving page by clicking here, for ways to contribute or contact scholarship committee at

Financial Highlights

Funding Source

Invest In Our Students

  • Provide unrestricted support — your gift will be used where it is most needed
  • Fund an annual scholarship award
  • Establish a permanent endowed scholarship fund
  • Donate in honor or memory of a friend, colleague, or loved one
  • Join the NAPPSA Scholars Circle by creating a legacy gift

One-hundred percent of contributions to scholarship funds goes directly to students.

Why It Matters

Health care professionals are generally healthier, more affluent, and more actively engaged in their communities than their counterparts

  • Have higher employment rates
  • Contribute to overall wellbeing of the community
  • Pay more taxes
  • Vote and volunteer more
  • Opportunity to recruit and retain scholarship recipients as future employees
  • Require less public assistance

The growing cost of attending higher institution presents a daunting challenge for many students and their families. By one measure, student loan debt among recent pharmacy school graduates averages almost $200,000. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, Americans collectively owe in excess of $1.6 trillion in student loan debt.


We thank past donors for their generosity and support of NAPPSA Scholarship Awards between September 1, 2014, and September 30, 2019. Our past scholarship sponsors include Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, H.D. Smith and Auburn Pharmaceuticals.